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Explore and enjoy the many activities of Zeeland. Whether it is sightseeing the historic places of Middelburg, having an enjoyable family day on the beach, or the many other fun activities, it will never be boring.

Zeeuws museum

The Zeeuws Museum was established at the end of the 18th century. In the museum the vast history of Zeeland is portrayed through tapestry from Zeeland, art expressions reflected in regional costumes, artifacts and treasures from Asia, Africa, and South-America.

The Abbey Tower of Long John

in the heart of the city center, the Abbey Tower of Long John stands at 90.5 meters tall. The climb of the tower is a fun challenge and the reward is well worth it. From the tower you have a wonderful view of the entire city center of Middelburg and you can even see the coast from the tower. The Abbey Tower was constructed in the 14th century and throughout the centuries has stood the test of time. In 1940 the Abbey Tower caught the largest fire during the second world war. Still to this day, the Abbey Tower stands tall and strong.

Townhall of Middelburg

The first brick of the townhall was laid in 1452 located on the market in the city center. The iconic gothic architecture, many steeples, red and white blinds makes the townhall instantly recognizable. In the very first years of the townhall, the council, meat and sheet market were vested in the townhall. Nowadays the townhall is mainly used for weddings and lectures given by the University College Roosevelt.

Coopery street – Kuiperspoort

In the 17th century this street was a coopery street where wooden barrels and tubs were made. It is a unique street that still shows the exterior of the old warehouses and carries the essence of the 17th with it. This small street is a scenic place for excellent pictures.

The Marina

The old marina of Middelburg took part in the historic trade during the golden age. The marina was essential in the trade between the Netherland, Indonesia, the Caribbean, and other continents of the world. Nowadays, the marina is home to more than 200 boats and not used as a harbor any longer. Through the marina you can enjoy a nice walk passed the waters with passing boats and an open view over the marina


Around the city center of Middelburg, there are three windmills: The King, The Hoop, and The ‘’Seismolen’’. The windmills The Hope and The ‘’Seismolen’’ are located near the near the outer canals of the city center and are best reachable by foot.